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The following are some of the ways SDIA is making a difference in the world with its innovate approaches to sustainability. Here a few for starters.

Total as of Thursday, September 5, 2013
California Least Tern Endangered Species Protection Program – San Diego International Airport continues to be the most productive California least tern nesting colony in all of San Diego Bay. In 2010, we yielded over 144 least tern viable nests, which is the second highest total on record.

The Least Tern nesting season at SDIA runs from approximately April to September each year. The airport’s Least Tern Nest Counter will be updated on a weekly basis as nest counts at SDIA are recorded through the season.

Plenty of information and fun resources about the California Least Tern are a click away, including a colorful brochure about the endangered bird protected at SDIA, an award-winning children's book about Laverne the Least Tern, an opportunity to purchase your own copy of the book, along with a plush Least Tern toy, a free downloadable lesson plan about the endangered species for grades K-3, a video showing a baby Least Tern up-close and personal, a great blog post about the birds, and a lot more information about them.

Formal Sustainability Policy – San Diego International Airport was one of the first major airports in the U.S. to adopt a formal sustainability policy. The policy was drafted by a cross-functional staff team following a series of in-depth sustainability workshops held for Airport Authority management. The airport’s Sustainability Policy was formally adopted by the Airport Authority Board on February 7, 2008.

Greenhouse gas reduction agreement – In May, 2008, the Airport Authority and the California State Attorney General’s office entered into a landmark agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at San Diego International Airport. In announcing the agreement, the Attorney general said, "Under this agreement, the San Diego airport will play a key leadership role in helping California meet its aggressive greenhouse gas reduction targets. This agreement is another example of how … local government is leading the fight against global warming."

San Diego Regional Sustainability Partnership – The Airport Authority was a founding member of this consortium of more than 60 of the region's business, nonprofit, government, academic and military organizations. The Partnership was founded to lead and promote practices to support sustainable initiatives in the region. Airport Authority staff members played a key role in the Partnership’s early leadership.

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