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The Landfill Remediation Project (further described below) is being conducted in 2 phases. Phase I of the Project involves work to clean a 20-foot wide utility easement along the westerly portion of the NTC Landfill site. Phase I was initiated in February of 2008 and completed in June of 2008.

Phase II begins in late July of 2008 and involves the cleanup of the rest of the NTC Landfill, not addressed in Phase I.

Work days will be Monday through Saturday from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. The Landfill Remediation Project is scheduled for completion in the early spring of 2009. 


The Airport Authority intends to remediate a closed municipal solid waste disposal site located on Authority property west of the existing Terminals. The site is located westerly of the Airport between Harbor Drive and the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. This property was previously controlled by the Department of the Navy and eventually received by the Authority after the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process closed Naval Training Center San Diego. The Authority intends to make the site suitable for airport uses.

Historical records and information provided by the Department of the Navy during the base closure of Naval Training Center San Diego show that household trash, referred to as municipal solid waste, and burned ash materials resulting from burning municipal solid waste are located on a portion of the property received from the Navy. The site is commonly referred to as the “NTC Landfill.” This property has been identified by regulatory agencies as a closed municipal solid waste disposal site.”

The Authority, the Port of San Diego and the Navy have been conducting investigations of the NTC Landfill since 1998. These investigations have determined the chemical make-up of the landfill materials as well as the size of the landfill. 

The investigation has revealed the possible presence of a number of environmental contaminants of potential concern. These include:

  • Volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds
  • Petroleum hydrocarbons (gasoline and fuel oils)
  • Landfill gas (from the decomposition of organic materials)
  • Metals
  • Dioxins (in the burn ash materials)
  • Pesticides and PCBs


As part of its acceptance of the property from the Department of the Navy, the Airport Authority is obligated to manage the old municipal solid waste disposal site so as to protect public health and safety and the environment. In light of this obligation, the Authority has voluntarily elected to remediate the landfill by excavating the waste material and disposing of the wastes offsite at properly permitted disposal facilities. In order to accomplish the remediation, the Authority must:

  • Remove overburden soil from above the municipal solid waste and burn ash and stockpile the soil for later use
  • Excavate the municipal solid waste, and, if necessary, allow it to dry
  • Excavate the burn ash material
  • Fill the excavated area with stockpiled dirt
  • Remove the excavated municipal solid waste and burn ash from the site by truck and dispose of the materials at properly permitted facilities
  • Fill the excavated area with stockpiled dirt and clean soils imported to the site

Naval Training Center (NTC) Closure Plan

Community Health and Safety

The Authority has prepared a Community Health and Safety Plan (“CHSP”) as part of the remediation of the NTC Landfill. The CHSP will include dust control measures to prevent nuisance or hazard to the community from airborne contaminants of potential concern. Dust control measures may include the use of foam or liquid surfactants on areas of open excavation, hydromulching, application of plastic sheeting, or other methods, as necessary. The CHSP also includes air quality monitoring as part of the dust control efforts to prevent contaminants of potential concern from being released into the atmosphere.

The complete Community, Health, and Safety Plan may be found here.

Environmental Review

The Airport Authority is in the process of preparing an Environmental Impact Report (“EIR”) for the proposed landfill remediation activities as required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The EIR will seek to identify any potential significant impacts to the environment. Based on the remediation effort, we anticipate that the EIR will focus particular attention to the truck traffic generated by the removal process, the potential for impacts to traffic on the surrounding street system, and the potential for impacts to air quality resulting from the truck traffic and required construction equipment. 

CEQA requires that a public scoping meeting be held to allow stakeholders, including members of the surrounding community, to identify any potentially significant impacts that should be addressed in the EIR. CEQA requires that the draft EIR be circulated to the public and to public agencies for review and comment. Any comment submitted by a member of the public or a representative of an agency must be included in and responded to in the final EIR. The final EIR will be prepared for certification by the Airport Authority.

Former Naval Training Center (NTC) Final Environmental Impact Report

For further information about this project:
San Diego County Regional Airport Authority
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To report issues or concerns, please contact:
The NTC Landfill Project 24-hour phone line: (619) 400-2910 or send an email to ntcproject@san.org

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