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Effective June 5, 2014, all Delta Air Lines and affiliate flights, including flights to Los Angeles/LAX, will operate out of Terminal 2.

Airline Schedule Type Flight Number  
Airline Flight NumberTypeRouteGateSched TimeAct TimeRemarks
Air Canada1887ArrivalToronto228:47 PM8:47 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines233ArrivalLos Cabos174:07 PM4:07 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines233DepartureSeattle175:45 PM5:45 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines238ArrivalSeattle1712:05 PM11:51 AMArrived
Alaska Airlines238DepartureLos Cabos171:00 PM1:00 PMBoarding
Alaska Airlines239ArrivalLos Cabos185:57 PM5:57 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines239DepartureSeattle187:35 PM7:35 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines240DepartureLos Cabos1511:05 AM10:54 AMDeparted
Alaska Airlines2436DepartureMonterey166:55 PM6:55 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines2469ArrivalSonoma166:22 PM6:22 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines267DeparturePortland186:05 PM6:05 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines267ArrivalPuerto Vallarta184:23 PM4:23 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines3483DepartureBoise162:55 PM2:55 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines3484ArrivalBoise167:35 PM7:35 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines3492ArrivalSalt Lake City162:15 PM2:03 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines481DepartureSeattle1811:00 AM10:52 AMDeparted
Alaska Airlines484ArrivalSeattle1310:37 PM10:37 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines485DepartureSeattle178:55 PM8:55 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines490ArrivalSeattle173:01 PM3:01 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines494ArrivalSeattle146:00 PM6:00 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines495DepartureSeattle173:45 PM3:45 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines498ArrivalSeattle149:37 PM9:37 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines572ArrivalPortland171:55 PM1:45 PM 
Alaska Airlines575DeparturePortland172:40 PM2:40 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines717DepartureSalt Lake City157:55 PM7:55 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines763ArrivalOrlando177:50 PM7:50 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines769ArrivalBoston1710:43 PM10:43 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines819DepartureKahului147:30 PM7:30 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines858ArrivalLihue157:05 PM7:17 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines886ArrivalKahului169:41 PM9:41 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines892ArrivalHonolulu1811:59 PM11:59 PMOn Time
Alaska Airlines895DepartureHonolulu1411:25 AM11:19 AMDeparted
American1042DepartureMiami2710:30 PM10:30 PMOn Time
American1127ArrivalChicago2711:05 AM10:58 AMArrived
American1288DepartureDallas312:10 PM2:10 PMOn Time
American1288ArrivalDallas311:25 PM1:15 PMOn Time
American1445ArrivalDallas292:45 PM2:35 PMOn Time
American1445DepartureDallas293:25 PM3:25 PMOn Time
American145ArrivalMiami2610:28 PM10:28 PMOn Time
American146DepartureChicago2711:50 AM11:50 AMDeparted
American159DepartureChicago273:05 PM3:25 PM 
American159ArrivalChicago272:20 PM2:55 PMOn Time
American2579ArrivalLos Angeles14:25 PM4:25 PMOn Time
American2579DepartureLos Angeles14:55 PM4:55 PMOn Time
American2580DepartureLos Angeles12:05 PM2:05 PMOn Time
American2580ArrivalLos Angeles11:40 PM1:34 PMOn Time
American2590ArrivalLos Angeles17:40 PM7:40 PMOn Time
American2590DepartureLos Angeles18:05 PM8:05 PMOn Time
American2611ArrivalLos Angeles110:20 PM10:20 PMOn Time
American2620ArrivalLos Angeles13:05 PM3:05 PMOn Time
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