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Effective June 5, 2014, all Delta Air Lines and affiliate flights, including flights to Los Angeles/LAX, will operate out of Terminal 2.

Airline Schedule Type Flight Number  
Airline Flight NumberTypeRouteGateSched TimeAct TimeRemarks
Air Canada1886DepartureToronto228:10 AM8:10 AMOn Time
Air Canada1887ArrivalToronto228:47 PM8:40 PMArrived
Alaska Airlines232ArrivalPortland159:05 AM9:05 AMOn Time
Alaska Airlines232DeparturePuerto Vallarta1510:00 AM10:00 AMOn Time
Alaska Airlines240ArrivalSeattle1510:05 AM10:05 AMOn Time
Alaska Airlines2437ArrivalMonterey169:17 AM9:17 AMOn Time
Alaska Airlines2468DepartureSonoma1610:10 AM10:10 AMOn Time
Alaska Airlines2551ArrivalFresno168:18 AM8:18 AMOn Time
Alaska Airlines2552DepartureFresno168:50 AM8:50 AMOn Time
Alaska Airlines2554DepartureFresno169:50 PM9:50 PMDeparted
Alaska Airlines2555ArrivalFresno169:16 PM9:10 PMArrived
Alaska Airlines3485DepartureSalt Lake City167:00 AM7:00 AMOn Time
Alaska Airlines470ArrivalSeattle138:58 AM8:57 AMOn Time
Alaska Airlines484ArrivalSeattle1310:37 PM10:31 PMArrived
Alaska Airlines485DepartureSeattle178:55 PM8:42 PMDeparted
Alaska Airlines493DepartureSeattle138:00 AM8:00 AMOn Time
Alaska Airlines498ArrivalSeattle189:37 PM9:45 PMArrived
Alaska Airlines499DepartureSeattle146:30 AM6:30 AMOn Time
Alaska Airlines573DeparturePortland146:30 AM6:30 AMOn Time
Alaska Airlines598ArrivalPortland1211:19 PM11:18 PM 
Alaska Airlines718ArrivalSalt Lake City179:50 AM9:50 AMOn Time
Alaska Airlines760DepartureOrlando1310:20 AM10:20 AMOn Time
Alaska Airlines768DepartureBoston177:00 AM7:00 AMOn Time
Alaska Airlines769ArrivalBoston1410:43 PM10:25 PMArrived
Alaska Airlines814ArrivalKahului147:29 AM7:48 AMDelayed
Alaska Airlines847DepartureKahului157:00 AM7:00 AMOn Time
Alaska Airlines857DepartureLihue1410:35 AM10:35 AMOn Time
Alaska Airlines886ArrivalKahului179:41 PM9:52 PMArrived
Alaska Airlines892ArrivalHonolulu1511:59 PM11:48 PMOn Time
American1042DepartureMiami2710:30 PM10:21 PMDeparted
American130DepartureChicago326:30 AM6:30 AMOn Time
American131ArrivalChicago3311:30 PM11:42 PMOn Time
American145ArrivalMiami279:20 PM9:06 PMArrived
American2387ArrivalDallas 9:50 AM9:50 AMOn Time
American2484ArrivalDallas2711:15 PM11:13 PMOn Time
American2598DepartureLos Angeles 8:45 AM8:45 AMOn Time
American2598ArrivalLos Angeles18:20 AM8:20 AMOn Time
American2599DepartureLos Angeles 10:00 AM10:00 AMOn Time
American2599ArrivalLos Angeles 9:35 AM9:35 AMOn Time
American36DepartureDallas 9:45 AM9:45 AMOn Time
American37ArrivalDallas239:50 PM10:03 PMArrived
American48DepartureDallas 8:35 AM8:35 AMOn Time
American49ArrivalDallas308:15 PM9:09 PMArrived
American70DepartureDallas237:25 AM7:25 AMOn Time
American92DepartureChicago 8:40 AM8:40 AMOn Time
American94DepartureNew York317:55 AM7:55 AMOn Time
American95ArrivalNew York328:40 PM8:24 PMArrived
American971DepartureDallas276:20 AM6:20 AMOn Time
Delta1181DepartureNew York519:10 PM9:10 PMDeparted
Delta142DepartureDetroit367:15 AM7:15 AMOn Time
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