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Our Culture

We conduct our affairs with honesty and integrity.

At the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority our culture is built on our core values, tradition of innovation and long-term and creative thinking. Each employee is seen as a key resource that is valued and recognized for their role in making the Airport Authority a world-class place to work.

It is our commitment to our employees and the people who fly that provides a cohesive, invigorating work environment for each member of the Airport Authority family. We understand the importance of each member’s contribution to the overall success of the Airport Authority and its current and future goals.

Who Are We?

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority owns and operates San Diego International Airport, significantly contributes to the local economy and plays a lead role in planning for the future air transportation needs of the region.

  • San Diego International Airport is funded through user fees and not local taxes.
  • The airport is the nation’s busiest single-runway commercial airport, serving some 18.3 million passengers in 2007.
  • San Diego International Airport is operated as a safe, secure and efficient facility.
  • San Diego International Airport is committed to providing world-class service.

What Are We?

  • Airport Operators
  • Property Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • Aviation Advocates
  • Environmental Stewards
  • Public Safety Managers
  • Ambassadors to the Region
  • Economic Contributors

Learn more about the Airport Authority

On January 1, 2003, the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority was created and assumed operation and control of San Diego International Airport. Long recognized as the busiest single-runway commercial service airport in the nation, San Diego International Airport currently serves more than 18 million passengers a year.

One of the key goals of the Airport Authority is to provide award-winning customer service. People and their needs are a primary consideration, world-class performance our vision, and safety, efficiency and quality of life are primary focuses.

The Airport Authority's Mission states:

"We shall plan for and provide air transportation services to the region with safe, effective facilities that exceed customer expectations. We are committed to operating San Diego's air transportation gateways in a manner that promotes the region's prosperity and protects its quality of life."

Our values are:

  • We recognize the needs of our customers come first.
  • We pursue excellence in all our business processes.
  • We conduct our affairs with honesty and integrity.
  • We provide a safe, secure, quality-oriented, highly efficient environment.
  • We foster an informed, productive, diverse, enthusiastic work force.
  • We believe that continuous learning and personal involvement are job responsibilities.
  • We believe that everyone counts and we count on everyone.


Diversity is an integral part of the Airport Authority's success. We are proud of the rich diversity represented among our employees and we celebrate that diversity at an annual Airport Authority Multicultural Fair. The fair is organized by the "DiversiTeam," a group of employees who meet regularly to plan ways to honor and celebrate the cultural diversity of all Airport Authority employees. In fact, we have been honored with a 2007 Multicultural Heritage Award Sponsored by the San Diego Business Journal. We live our values and our work environment demonstrates our commitment to counting on everyone and our belief that everyone counts.

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