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The Bonding and Contract Financing Assistance Program offers a regular series of workshops. Check the calendar to find a workshop that interests you.

Below are descriptions of each of the workshops offered. Class sizes are small to allow for more personalized instruction, so pre-registration is a requirement.

  • Turner School of Construction Management

    This program has been uniquely designed to enhance the technical, administrative and managerial skills of minority and women businesses in order to make a profit and build a reputation for efficiently managing construction projects. Individuals enrolled in the program gain insights and meaningful tools that help them target their business for quality and growth and develop new, strategic business relationships. The Airport Authority and Turner Construction partner to host a fall and spring session, which consists of fourteen classes held twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-9pm.

  • Marketing Your Business

    You have 10 Seconds to make a good first impression. Make them count. Learn how to market your business in this informative session, which will include:

    • Overview of Marketing
    • Branding
    • Websites
    • Social Media – What is it and is it right for you?

  • Bonding 101

    This 2-hour workshop is a requirement for participation in the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority Bonding and Contract Financing Assistance Program. The workshop will answer questions such as: What is surety bond? What is a surety company? What is a surety broker? What do bonds cost? How do I get a bond? Why can't I just buy a bond? What is my bonding capacity? Why do I have to pre-qualify? How do I increase my bonding?

  • Quieter Home Program (QHP) - Part 1 Program Overview

    Join us for a conversation with QHP Project Manager and determine how this program is a good fit for you and your business.

  • Quieter Home Program (QHP) - Part 2 Construction Administration

    Join us for a conversation with QHP Project Manager and master the Construction Administration of the QHP Contracts.

  • How to be Successful Bidder & Contractor’s Panel

    This 3-hour workshop provides an in-depth overview of those conditions that are unique to the San Diego International Airport—ones which every contractor needs to consider in their bidding, pricing, and performance of the work. Learn from a panel of successful contractors: What steps did they take to achieve success? How many bidding attempts did it take to get a contract?

  • Understanding Financial Statements

    This 3-Hour workshop is taught by a CPA who works exclusively with small and emerging contractors, and will focus on helping you to learn:

    1. How to Read A Financial Statement—what you need to know and what others (like bankers) are looking for
    2. Understanding Cash Flow
    3. Understanding the Percentage of Completion Method of Accounting
    4. How to Lower Your Taxes

  • Developing Your Safety Plan (3 Part Series broken up into 3 weeks)

    This workshop focuses solely on the airport safety and security issues you must address in order to be a successful contractor at the airport. Failure to address these issues may also affect your bid amount. In addition, understanding OSHA regulations and having an individualized Safety Plan is a requirement for securing Airport work and, more importantly, for ensuring the safety of your workers and your job site. The workshop is led by the Airport Safety and Security specialists, and they want to make sure that you are successful in addressing these issues.

  • Prevailing Wages De-Mystified

    This workshop focuses on Labor Compliance in the Public Works arena. It will help you to understand the government regulations and procedures associated with Prevailing Wages. Learn what contractors must do to comply with the law (certified payroll records; payment of applicable prevailing wages; apprenticeship requirements; maintaining Workers Compensation insurance). We will provide you with resources to help you beyond the class, so that you are able to stay on top of this important requirement (and avoid the penalties associated with non-compliance). This workshop is being taught by an expert in the field.

Free Online Tutorials

The Business Tutorials are designed to conveniently learn about “Doing business with the Airport Authority” at your own pace. Each tutorial is based on important topics that you can click to view in any order preferred.

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