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Environmental Impact Report
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The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority has prepared a Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Airport Master Plan (including the adoption of an airport land use plan and implementation plan) for San Diego International Airport located in the City of San Diego.

On May 1, 2008, the Airport Authority Board certified the EIR.

You may click on any text in blue in the Table of Contents to jump to specific chapters, tables, figures or technical appendices. For direct access, see the links below.

Final EIR Quick Reference

  • Chapter 1: Executive Summary with Responses to Comments
  • Chapters 2-7
    • Chapter 2: Introduction, Background and Project Description
    • Chapter 3: Project Objectives
    • Chapter 4: Proposed Project Alternatives
    • Chapter 5: Environmental Setting, Consequences and Mitigation Measures
    • Chapter 6: Other Effects of the Proposed Project
    • Chapter 7: Closing Sections
  • Appendices A-D
    • Appendix A: Notice of Preparation and Public and Agency Outreach
    • Appendix B: Noise and Its Effect on People
    • Appendix C: SIMMOD Technical Report
    • Appendix D: Traffic and Circulation
  • Appendices E-I
    • Appendix E: Air Quality
    • Appendix F: Historic Architectural Survey Report
    • Appendix G: Biological Resources
    • Appendix H: Human Health Risk Assessment
    • Appendix I: Forecast Report
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