Vehicle Permits

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Vehicle Permits
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Listed below are the instructions for completing any or all of the Airport Authority's vehicle permitting documents. Please review these instructions before submitting your documents. The documents can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • All vehicle permits are the property of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority and must be returned upon completion of contract, project or if there is no longer an operational need.
  • An applicant requesting a permit must provide a current copy of the vehicle registration before the permit will be issued. If the registration is expiring the month the application is being submitted, a receipt of payment with current registration will be accepted. Once the applicant receives registration, a copy must be submitted to the Access Control Office (ACO) via fax (619) 400-2772 or email to acocustomerservice@san.org. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the ACO has a current copy of the vehicle registration.
  • A current copy of the company’s Certificate of Liability Insurance referencing automobile coverage must be emailed to certificates@san.org. This pertains to the primary insurance as well as the Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP), if applicable.
    • When submitting company’s Certificate of Liability Insurance include the following:
      • Subject line must read – ACO
      • Include the following information in the body of the email:
        • Full Name of the applicant requesting Permit
        • Company Name
        • Phone Number
        • Mailing Address
        • Email Address

If you or your insurance representatives have any questions relating to Insurance documents, please contact:
Risk Management Department
San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

  • The company name on the application should match the name on the registration and be referenced on the insurance. If the vehicle is a rental, a copy of the rental agreement should be provided.
  • The required automobile insurance coverage must total $10,000,000. This can either be all auto liability or a combination of auto and excess/umbrella coverage. Insurance must be maintained current at all times. If there is primary insurance coverage, and OCIP and one expires before the other, full coverage is not in effect.
  • Certificate Holder should be referenced as:
    San Diego County Regional Airport Authority
    P.O. Box 82776 San Diego, CA
  • Make sure that all regulations and procedures set forth in the AOA training class while driving on the AOA are followed. Any violation could be cause for a permit to be revoked.
  • Any lost or destroyed permits will incur a $15 lost permit fee.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility (driver or not of the vehicle being permitted) to make sure this information is relayed to all drivers.
  • VISITOR VEHICLE PLACARDS: Visitor vehicle placards are used for escorting vehicles onto the AOA within a 24-hour period only. Visitor Vehicles must be escorted by an AOA permitted vehicle. Visitor placards must be logged in/out. AOA permitted vehicles must ensure escorted vehicles have company markings, current registration and insurance requirements. AOA permitted vehicles must comply with all escort requirements.

Vehicle Permitting Documents

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