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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When I apply for an Authority job, can I just submit a resume instead of a job application?

No. A resume may be attached as supplemental information to an online job application, but the job application must be completed, including dates of employment, job duties, and reason for leaving for each position held.

2. What is the company URL field on the job application?

The company URL is the website address for the company you worked for.

3. How do I know if you received my online job application?

When you submit an online job application successfully, a notice will appear on your computer screen indicating your application was submitted successfully. You will also receive an email from the system that your online job application was submitted successfully.

4. How long does it take to hear from the Airport Authority after I submit my job application?

You should receive notification by mail or email within 2 – 6 weeks, depending on the number of job applications received. If you don’t receive notification after six weeks, contact the Department of Human Resources at (619) 400-2515.

5. What if the job I am interested in isn’t currently open?

We accept Job Interest requests for jobs that are not currently open. For an online request, visit our website at www.san.org and click on the Job Descriptions link. Find and click on the title of the job you are interested in. Click on the Email me when jobs like this become available link. Complete the requested information and you will receive an email when the job title you are interested in opens. Job Interest requests are kept on file for one year.

6. How am I notified of my application status?

When you apply using the online job application, you have a choice of receiving a notification by mail or email.
Notices are sent for every step of the recruitment process, including rejection notices, failure to meet minimum qualification notices, notices of placement on an eligible list, and referral notices for job interviews.

7. Do I need to call and check on the status of my job application?

You can check the status of your job application online by logging into your online account.

8. What if I need assistance with the application process?

If you are an applicant for employment with the Authority and require reasonable accommodation in the recruitment process, please contact the Human Resources department at (619) 400-2515 to discuss your request.

9. What does the recruitment process consist of?

The first step of the recruitment process consists of a review of the job applications received to ensure you meet the minimum qualifications. Applicants are notified if the information submitted does not demonstrate the minimum qualifications have been met. The applicants who meet the minimum qualifications continue on to the next phase of the recruitment process. This could consist of one or more of the following: application review for department specific standards, performance test, written test, and/or oral interview. Once this review phase is complete, an eligible list of qualified candidates is created and the top candidates will be forwarded to the hiring manager for interview consideration.

10. What do the Application Status terms mean?

Item Description
Application Received You successfully submitted your application
Met Minimum Qualifications You met the minimum qualifications for the job
Place on Eligible List You are eligible to continue in the recruitment process
Referred to Hiring Manager Your application has been forwarded to the hiring manager to review for departmental best fit
Selected for Interview You will receive notification to schedule an oral interview with the hiring manager
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